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DD Liberator Printable Pistol

Dear User,

This series of digital CAD/CAM files have been designed to be executed on three dimensional (3D) printing machines. Collectively, they comprise a digital blueprint for a firearm which has been designated by its creator as the "DD Liberator". The object of these files is to produce all the components necessary to assemble a fully functional 7-round semi-automatic plastic pistol.

The right of self defense is an inalienable human right of such nature that does not lend itself to any form of abridgment or regulation by governmental authority. To support the goal of empowering freedom-loving individuals worldwide to seize the responsibility for their own personal liberty and self protection against oppressive forces that would seek to deprive them of this fundamental right, dissemination and usage of these digital files is encouraged. It is always better to have such information and such devices at your disposal and not need them, than it is to need them and not have them at your disposal.

You're advised, of course, that the highest levels of discretionary caution be employed by users of these files who live in jurisdictions wherein the ownership of such devices is prohibited by law and insist that all such weapons so produced by held for defensive purposes only.

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